Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Sister

My little sister, Layni, came to play for a week. She is 7yrs old and is just a ball full of energy.

Our list of activities:
  • Childrens' Museum
  • Chick-fil-A dress like a cow, eat for free (twice!)
  • Riding bikes in the sprinkler
  • Fountains at Stony Point
  • Gelato at the Farmers Market
  • Maymont Nature Center, Gardens, and Farm
  • Lowes Build and Grow
  • Mall play area
My dad asked me if we always do these kinds of things everyday or if it just because we had a visitor. He was worried she was going to be so bored when she went back home. Luckily, she also gets a week at Suzanne's and Christine's each before the end of the summer.

My camera is broken and I'm waiting for it to be repaired, so all I have is my camera phone which is driving me crazy.

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