Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick Trip

Last week was Chuck's fall break from school. We headed down to NC for a few days to visit family. Chuck also had the opportunity to meet with a few people in starting his job search; an environmental lawyer, a lobbyist, a city manager, and a mid-size law firm. It was a good starting point for him to decide what career path he would like to pursue.

After spending the first night in Raleigh with Mitzi, we headed East to visit my mom. We left Leland with her cousins for a sleepover. When I first told her that she was going to stay with her cousins, she was a little apprehensive, but then she started to repeatedly ask Chuck and I when we were going to leave.

It was nice to have a little one-on-one time with Lucy. That first night, Lucy seemed so mixed up. I really think she was missing Leland. After our night in Washington, we headed down to New Bern (which a post will come later), then back to Raleigh. Lucy and I met my sister, Suz, while Chuck had a lunch meeting. Lucy and Emily played so cute together. Emily, who turned 2 years old yesterday (I'm a crumby aunt who forgot to call), learned to say Lucy and it's so cute in her sweet little voice.

When we got back to Raleigh, Chuck's parents had arrived so we got to hangout with them. Later that night, Chuck's sister Amy flew in. It was nice to see everyone even if it was a very short visit.

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  1. When did Leland get a haircut? It looks so cute. It looks like a nice little bob. Are you growing her bangs out?