Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apple Orchard

We visited Carter Mountain Orchard while in Charlottesville on Monday. (We went to C'ville to visit a Pediatric Urologist, more on that later). We met my aunt and ventured UP a mountain to the orchard. We were on the very TOP of the mountain and had some gorgeous views. It was a bit hazy, so I couldn't get any great pictures.

Leland had a fun time finding and picking the apples. We didn't pick very many. It was more for the fun memory rather than to actually get apples. Since the orchard was literally on the side of the mountain it was very hilly. When any apples would fall off a tree they would roll down the hills and gather in gullies in different areas. Barbara told Leland they were "apple parties". Leland kept pointing out all the "parties", but was a little hesitant getting too close since ants, bees, and other critters were invited too.

Lucy enjoyed getting carried around in a backpack the whole time. She is getting a bit heavy, but it was a good thing since the orchard was so slippery and hilly. We also spotted a lot of poison ivy. Lucy enjoyed sucking on the juicy apples.

There was also a small pumpkin patch. The girls kept trying to pick up the pumpkins which I thought was funny. If you look closely at Leland's face, (click on the picture to enlarge) you can see how she eats a whole apple. She takes a bite of the apple and if it has skin on it she spits it out. She continues this process until all the skin is gone, then actually starts to eat the apple. She ate 2 apples like that today.

I love these 2 pictures. Aren't Leland's boots the greatest? She insisted on wearing them with her dress today since they were a present from Barbara and we were visiting her. I think every person we talked to today commented on how much they loved her boots. It was pretty funny. When you think of a 3 year old that dresses her self - this is an ensemble I picture.

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