Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blue Eyes

Lucy wears pretty much all hand-me-down clothes. When you have an older sister (and girl cousins) it's pretty much inevitable. The other day I put this shirt on Lucy.Chuck (jokingly) thinks I shouldn't make our brown-eyed girl wear this shirt because it's saying "Everyone loves my sister, not me!"

I think, "If it's clean and it fits, she wears it." Who really reads little kids' shirts anyway? And has the time to see the color of their eyes as well. Most strangers call my girls boys even if they are wearing pink.

What do you think? Come on give me some comments. Our comments have been lacking lately. All you Google Reader users - give me a comment. I'll leave you some love too.

Here's one more picture of my cute little baby who is not so little anymore. She stuffed her face, literally, with pumpkin mini muffins (recipe). She has easily eaten a dozen by herself.


  1. I would definitely still have her wear the shirt, but only at home or on a day where you are just running errands. But then again you know how I am with clothes! It sounds like your ward party was a lot of fun. You planned it right? You always come up with great ideas.

  2. Please forgive me. My comments have been lacking. Both your girls are growing so fast! Hope you are well.

  3. I know. You got me... I'm such a google reader. But I love that you asked for comments. My thoughts? Since you have it, I'd let her wear it. It's like you said, who really is going to bend over, see what the shirt says and then check the eye color? Now, if you were debating whether to buy it or not, I would say no. :)

  4. Tara needed some long sleeved shirts so Mike and I went shopping last night for date night. He wanted to get a Christmas shirt for her b/c it was cheapest. And when I said what will she wear the months of Jan and Feb, he said no one really looks at them anyway. I think it is funny that you put that on your brown eyed girl. The first thing I did when looking at the post was read the shirt. Then I read the post and had to laugh.

  5. You know me, I would never dress my brown eyed girl in that, but I am a little more snobby than you about clothes. I was very confused when I first read the shirt because I know Lucy doesn't have blue eyes. But nobody else would probably notice. It could just be pj's.

  6. Did you make the pumpkin muffins? Do you have a recipe?

    Hope you appreciate all my comments!

  7. So, you have to know that I am also a clothes snob when it comes to kids. I think I never really had a whole lot of nice things so I tend to go on the side of putting them in something a little snobby. But, I think for hanging out around the house the shirt is just fine.

    Anywho...I love that Lucy is a bread girl! Jace would love those muffins, you will have to get me the recipe if you have it.

  8. How outrageous! Just kidding. I'd let her wear it at home or to sleep in, but I don't think the compulsiveness in me would let her leave the house with it on. Weird, I know.

  9. Who knew that my family and friends were such clothes snobs? jk. I can't believe Chuck has more supporters in this debate.

  10. holy clothes snobs in your group! I wish i had more hand-me downs. for that matter i wish lauren would wear anything I pick out.

    As for the shirt. there is nothing wrong with wearing it -I'm talking not just in the house, but anywhere.

    For one, who looks at your kids eye color anyway.
    For two, who cares. Your kid has a clean shirt on.
    In my book of a busy mom's life a clean shirt is awesome.
    I'm with ashley on this one!
    -liz argyle

  11. Look how many comments you get when you ask for them! I just want to point out that I comment a lot. And I like the shirt on Lucy. I support you Ashley!

  12. Hummm Food for thought...I think I'm with Chuck on this one. I don't think I could do it. #1 It's just not Lucy. #2 I am a shirt reader and
    I tend to believe whatever is on the shirt is somehow a message from the wearer of the shirt. #3 It would be like Uncle Todd wearing a UNC shirt!

    Plus I know why Suz asked for the pumpkin muffin recipe...she won third place in the chili cookoff with your chili recipe. She has to keep up her "Awesome Cook" reputation.

  13. What a hilarious debate. I say if it fits, wear it, and at our house, it might not even actually be clean - after going through 3 other sisters, often there are a few stains left behind. Maybe I am terrible, but she just puts more stains on it:) Then again, all my girls have blue eyes, so I would never have to make this particular decision. She looks darling in it, either way!

  14. I am also with Chuck on this HAVE to have enough hand-me-downs that fit that she doesn't NEED to wear THIS one (around the house and for pjs is fine- my boys DO wear pink bibs).

    Good Comments! I think you need to total the results and let us know the outcome!


  15. Okay, so you know that I am a HUGE ASHLEY fan. (Ashley Whoo Hoo) is how all my friends know you...
    That being said, I totally agree with Chuck! It totally says that everyone loves her sister, but not her.

    However, she is so adorable!! I can't believe how big she is!!

  16. Darcy had the oppisite shirt, everybody loves a brown eyed girl. When she grew out of it, I put it away for Denim and didn't give it to Dixie who's size it was (Dixie has Blue eyes). Ashley, do you let your daughter go out with clothes that do not match? I would think you teach her to match her shirt and pants. I think it is the same just need to dress to make sense.

    love ya