Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Activity

We had a ward party this weekend to celebrate the season with a fall festival. It was held at a family's home that lives in farm country. It was a gorgeous piece of property on the river. The leaves are starting to turn and there was a chill of fall weather in the air. It was great.

The hayrides were a lot of fun. On the 2nd run, it was an extremely more bumpy ride than the first. Chuck decided to jump off to see what was going on and a tire had completely fallen off the rim. Everyone had to walk back. The nice neighbor who had loaned the tractor for the party quickly brought over another trailer so the kids could take one more ride.

The girls and I on the hayride.

Leland trying out the sack race with the help of Daddy.

The 3-legged, 3-man sack race. One person had to have both feet in the sack and the other 2 had to have one leg in the sack. Needless to say, most of them didn't make it that far except for Leland's team because they carried her the whole time.

Some of my favorite pictures that were taken during the activity.
Left: The girl on the far right was shoved by her husband right at the start. I wish the picture would have caught his hand still in the air. It was so funny.
Right: Our Stake President in the blue jacket. What a good sport. This activity was held at his home.

Left: Mid air jump during the sack race.
Right: The ever popular tree swing.
(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge)

We did a chili cook-off, but didn't have that much chili. However, we had tons of cornbread. I need to remember to always pass around a sign-up sheet for food, no matter if I don't think it is necessary. I got 2nd place in the cook-off which is always a confidence booster. It was only out of 4 choices, but I will still boast.

We made homemade Root Beer which was a huge hit. The super sweet flavor and the smoking dry ice made it a fun thing to watch. It was so easy to make, however I ruined a ton of dry ice because I stored it improperly. I guess the best thing is to buy it right when you need it. I was glad that we had plenty of root beer cause the the kids went crazy over it. We actually have 5+ gallons left over. Everyone loved the root beer floats even though it was cold.

We had about 70 people attend.


  1. I'm glad things went well and hopefully for the next ward activity we won't come down with colds. Ugh! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  2. Did you win second place for your chili? I need a good recipie, can you share?


  3. It sounds like so much fun! I love that you had a great time! It sounds wonderful.
    I love you!

  4. Ash I can't find you on the hayride. Oh wait, there you are in the bright orange pants. Almost missed ya!