Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frog in her throat

Today, Leland was in her first Primary Program at church. She is still in nursery, but was still asked to be a part of the program since she has started going to opening exercises in Primary. She has been so excited all week "to sing with the big kids." There was a practice last Wednesday and she has been listening in the car all week to the songs they would sing. She also had one short scripture that her teacher would help her recite.

Sadly, she woke up this morning with a scratchy voice. It got mostly better after a little while, so I didn't think much of it. Before her speaking part, they sang 2 songs. That must have been too much for her scratchy voice, so when she went to speak it sounded like she had a frog in her throat. When she went to talk, I think she was a little confused why she sounded so funny. It was so cute, but you could tell that everybody in the audience was itching to clear their throats for her. When she finished and it was quiet, Chuck sort of cleared his throat and all of our friends started giggling.

By song # 7 or 8, she couldn't sing at all and had almost completely lost her voice. She looked so tired up there and frustrated that she couldn't sing her hardest. So, she whispered to her teacher and then came down to sit with Chuck and get some water (I was in the hall with Lucy).

Tonight, when I tucked her into bed, I told her what a great job she did at church and she said, "Yeah, but I sounded funny when I talked."


  1. How fun to have the first primary program. That is the cutest story. I am sorry that she had a little frog, but it sounds like she was so darling!

  2. OOHHH, Sweet Leland. What a brave girl to go up there at all at her age! I bet it was so cute to see her up at the pulpit, I can just imagine her sweet little voice with a frog in it.