Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Duke Gardens

Saturday afternoon while in NC we walked around Duke Gardens. We went with Chuck's parents and Mitzi who had just sent her 3 kids on a plane with Amy (another of Chuck's sisters). We had a fun afternoon walking around and enjoying the outdoors.

Our Tour Guides: Chuck is the ultimate tour guide whenever we go anywhere. He gets every brochure they have and reads everything to help his "tour group" have the most educational visit possible. Leland had to be just like her dad and carry her own "map" to tell us where to go.

Poor Lucy was so tired walking around. We tried to help her out on the stairs. I really like this picture on the right for some reason. (photo credit to Mitzi). Maybe because we are all in the picture and its not a posed shot.

Leland kept sitting in different spots and saying, "Take my picture!" That is so unusual for her. She looks so silly with her posed fake smile. (I hope that's not the look she gave in her preschool pictures this week). I love her eyes in the picture on the right. She is showing me her "beautiful" rock that she found.

The Family - Papa and my girls

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  1. I love Mini-Chuck carrying her map around... so great!

    I miss a good Chuck guided tour. It would have been nice to have him in Tulum last week! We miss you!