Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Fun

Law Families club hosted a Pumpkin Carving Lunch this weekend. We had such a great time hanging out, carving pumpkins, and watching all the kids run around. We are still trying to get rid of all the homemade root beer we made for our Ward Party. After taking it to 3 events now, it's almost gone. Making 15 gallons was obviously WAY TOO MUCH! It sure is fun to watch and yummy to drink.

As you will notice in the picture of our family above, our girls are wearing cute matching pumpkin t-shirts. Well that was the first picture taken of our fun day (I'm still in pjs), the matching shirts didn't last very long.

During the event Lucy is wearing 3 different shirts. This is all the same day within a 3 hour period. Lucy also LOVES the homemade root beer mentioned above and anytime there was a cup in her reach, she grabbed it off the table, and tried to guzzle it as fast as possible.

That obviously led to a root beer-soaked little girl. I finally gave in and just gave her a sippy cup full of it. Then she quit making such a big mess. Our emergency clothes in the car came in great use. Lucy is just so darn cute in the picture to the left. (Lani - don't you love her shirt?!)

On to the carving - We couldn't get Leland to stick her hand in there to pull out any "guts". She loved helping her daddy carve. She was so focused, she would not look away from her work.

The finished product. He just looks so happy. I love it! Chuck and Leland did a great job.

The kids - minus 2 that left before picture time.

All the pumpkins. Do you recognize the 2 on the left? The wolf on the right was not finished, but turned out really good.

Leland won a prize for her pumpkin carving and was obviously VERY excited. She won a free scoop of ice cream at our local ice cream shop. Lucy is so tired there. She was asleep in the car before we even made our 3 minute drive home. The poor girl gets deprived of her naps so much for the sake of fun parties.

Thanks to those who planned such a fun party. We had a great time.


  1. why is chuck looking in the bum of the pumpkin? Is that where he opened up to take the guts out? I have never heard of that before.

  2. I had heard of cutting out the bottom instead of the top to make it easier to light the candle. It might be the shape of our pumpkin, but it did not work well for us.

  3. That is such a fun day! I love that when I read Ashley's posts, I can totally hear her cute accent reading it to me. I get the accent stuck in my head. Maybe we should move there so my kids can talk southern also.
    I love you guys!

  4. So fun! We didn't get to have FHE last night, but plan on carving pumpkins together tonight! I can't wait!

  5. I TOTALLY recognized the shirt before I read the shout out! I have a confession and my sisters (mostly Amy) may disown me for this, but Michael and I really aren't that in to Halloween. However, for the first time ever, in reading everyone's Halloween posts- I think I could really get into it with kids! Thanks for posting.