Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An afternoon with Lucy

While Chuck was at an interview, Lucy and I ventured around New Bern. I drove for a while through some historic neighborhoods which seemed like every other house had historical markers out front. I never managed to find the historic downtown business district so I opted on a visit to Tryon Palace.

A little NC history for you: New Bern is the 2nd oldest town in NC, which previously was the capital of colonial government in NC and previous state capitol of NC. Tryon Palace was the historical colonial governors' mansion .

I had such a fun afternoon with my lil' Lucy. I'm sure she enjoyed the no stroller afternoon. Poor girl would have been clipped in the stroller if Leland was with us. She enjoyed the new found freedom and ran all over the place.

Tryon Palace was preparing for the town's Mum Festival that was going to take place that weekend and was having a plant sale on their grounds. Entry to the grounds was free that day, so lucky us.

What are you looking at squirrel? I know I stole your nut. What 'cha going to do about it?

Lucy was enamored with the little house full of birds. I, of course, stood as far away as possible. Birds were flapping around inside that thing and squawking like they were being tortured. The edges were covered in feathers stuck in poop. It took forever to lure her away. Then we found the water fountain and she loved splashing and soaking herself.

Lucy loves picking up "treasures": rocks, nuts, sticks, leaves, anything. The funniest thing is when we are on a paved gravel area and it looks like a bunch of little rocks, but they are stuck in the pavement. It makes her so frustrated she can't pick them up.

Lucy has become very cuddly lately. She will give hugs and kisses generously. She HAS to have EVERYTHING that her sister has. I hear her say a few more words every so often: baby, juice, fish, please are the few I have noticed lately.


  1. What a beautiful place! I do love how back East has so many historic wonderful places to visit. Ok, so you beat the West Coast on that one! I can't believe how big Lucy is getting!

  2. I love those gardens. They say Tryon Palace is a nice place to visit over the Christmas Holidays. It was fun to have Lucy one on one. She does love little objects and is cuddly. I can attest to that. Thanks for the quick visit!