Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attack of the Ladybug

Today, I found one cute little ladybug crawling on the inside of our back door. I caught it, showed it to Lucy, said, "Oh, look how cute a ladybug.", then put the cute little ladybug outside in the grass.

I then came back to the backdoor 15 minutes later and I found 12 ladybugs!!!! Not so cute anymore. Ladybugs are still harmless, so I didn't feel like smashing them all in front of my girls. Spiders - of course I would have smashed them and Leland would have cheered me on.

As I tried to catch each one, they flew more than I have ever seen ladybugs fly. When I would finally catch one in a napkin, I would take it to the front porch to shake into the grass. 2 flew into my hair during this process. Then I frantically started shaking my head to get it out of my hair. "I feel like it's on me! It's on me!" (name that show and who said it) I'm sure that was a lovely scene.

Crazy Ladybugs.


  1. This happened to us in MD, they covered the whole side of the house. For some reason they are cuter alone than in a big swarm.

  2. Too many of any bug is creepy! I think the quote is from Friends. It sounds like something Chandler would say. I'm probably really wrong though.

  3. Friends... at first I thought Joshua (Josh-oo-ah) but then I remembered Joey.

  4. Char is correct. It was Joey, from the Friends episode "The One With the Holiday Armadillo." In the episode, Phoebe keeps doing things to get Rachel to move out of Joey's apartment. Phoebe bought a tarantula, thinking it would scare Rachel, but Joey ends up being freaked out. At one point, he is talking about the spider and says... "Is it on me? I feel like it's on me!"