Thursday, December 27, 2007

Park #1 - Disneyland

Disneyland - Club 33

As a Christmas present to each other Chuck and I went to Club 33 in Disneyland on December 26th. Three of Chuck's sisters and their spouses also went with us. Club 33 is an exclusive members only restaurant hidden in New Orleans Square in Disneyland. There is just this random door that you knock on and state your name to be allowed in. Mike (our brother-in-law) works for GE and through him were able to get us dinner reservations at Club 33.

Dinner was fabulous! Our dinner lasted 3 1/2 hours from 9pm-12:30am. We didn't mind one bit though. It was great to be out to dinner with no children and enjoying each others company. Our waiter was awesome. He gave Chuck and I so many things "on the house" because we couldn't make up our minds on what to have because it all sounded so wonderful. Crab cake, shrimp prawn, pumpkin risotto, filet Mignon, an assortment of cheeses, and of course dessert - chocolate "bomb", key lime pie, and banana split cheesecake. And to finish our meal - hot chocolate. The view from the balcony of the restaurant was so pretty with the lights in New Orleans square.

When we finally finished our dinner the park had been closed for a half hour, so we had an escort walk us out to Main Street. It was crazy walking through an empty Disneyland. The craziest was out at the Entrance Gates which was completely deserted.

With our dinner reservations we were able to enjoy the park all day. Since our kids are still free into the park we had a blast all day as a family. Our #1 goal for the day was for Leland to meet as many princesses. There is an area called Princess Fantasy Fair and we could have stayed there all day and been satisfied. Leland met Mulan (she doesn't really know her), Jasmine, and Belle at the meet & greet section. Poor girl as we were walking into the park tripped and hit her face on the sidewalk. She had a fat lip and Chuck had a bloody shirt even before we entered the park. You may notice that Leland is not smiling in most the picture probably because of her fat lip.

They have what's called a Coronation Ceremony were you "learn" to be a prince or princess. They dance and bow, then Cinderlla, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty come out to dance with the kids around a May Pole. I of course stalked Sleeping Beauty as any mother of an obsessive 2 year old would. (this is definitley something I never thought I would do and be excited about). I of course "positioned" Leland perfectly so that she was right next to where Sleeping Beauty would come dance. Leland got to talk to her and tell her how she was on her hair clip, then held her hand as they walked around the pole. As you watch the video you can see my eyes following her to make sure I was in the right place.

We had such a great time all day. It was a wonderful Christmas present for the whole family. I think from now on I would much rather have fun family memories as presents rather than stuff. Check out our Snapfish photo group for more pictures from our whole trip.


  1. What a great mom! I love the video, I can tell that if anyone were to step in other than Sleeping Beauty they would have a fight on their hands!
    Ronnie and I love presents like that, concerts, shows, new restraunts etc... Good times!

  2. Ash, You are such a crafty little mom. You know how to make things happen. Plus Chuck is looking so fine in his new Christmas sweater. What a fun day for everyone!

  3. Wait to go Ashley! It sounds like you guys had a great time. I completely agree with you about the memories vs. stuff. We got so much junk and Jace has more toys than he will ever acknowledge. Its so much better to have memories that don't get dusty or ever really forgotten.

    Now that you guys are back we need to get together!