Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Ice, Just Rain and Wind

As for the ice storm that postponed our Christmas party, there was no ice (at least not at our house) just rain. I kept going on my front porch, seeing nothing, and getting a little bugged. It finally started to pour down raining at about 9pm and it was really windy, but no ice.

At church today we found out that some people in our ward boundaries did get ice and Chuck got an unexpected extra full day of studying done for his exams, so I guess it's alright it was cancelled.

As for the wind - it is harsh. Sort of like the Santa Ana winds but freezing cold! After church I was trying to get Lucy in the car and the wind slammed the door shut with the edge catching Lucy's forehead. I ran back into the church to get out of the cold (Chuck had no idea why) for sure that I was going to see blood on my baby's head, but it was just a big goose egg forming. I felt horrible and burst into tears. Chuck got some ice out of the kitchen to help the swelling. I am grateful that it actually doesn't look that bad now so it must not have hit as hard as I thought.


  1. Oh yea! This sounds enticing! Pour baby Lucy.

  2. I need to start putting "Mitzi not allowed to read" at the beginning of some of my posts. I've been telling all my friends that we have Gates family moving to the East coast so you can't back out because of the weather.

    Here you get to have 4 very different seasons that are fun in their own way. In Vegas what is there? not that hot, hot , really hot, and so hot I can't leave my house.