Monday, December 21, 2009

Preschool Pageant

Last week Leland had her Christmas Pageant at her preschool. Her role was the star carrier and she did a fabulous job. She had 2 lines, one telling Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus and the other telling the shepherds that she brought news of great joy. She also had to walk around "leading" the shepherds and the wise men to the baby Jesus. I loved that it was only her class, so it was a small group and the program was short and sweet.

Aunt Zebra came over for the day so she could see the pageant. Chuck was also able to run over from work to see it too. Bottom left pic - Leland and her BFF Noelle.

I adore Leland's teacher. Leland had a hard time with school when we first moved here. She was missing old friends and not really feeling excited about going to school. I really appreciated the way her teacher responded to our concerns. At the pageant, Leland had the most active role. Afterwards, her teacher came up to me and said what a great job she did. She said that she chose Leland for that role to give her a challenge since Leland is reading so much already, she felt like she should do something to reward and challenge her. I know she is only in preschool, but I hope that she will continue to have teachers that care for her and want her to succeed, it makes such a difference.

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