Sunday, December 27, 2009


Nana came for a few days before Christmas. She had many different activities planned for her visit. She took the girls shopping so they could choose a present for each other. It turned out that each of the girls favorite gift was what they had chosen for each other. Leland gave Lucy a train. Lucy gave Leland a jump rope.

She helped the girls make gingerbread houses. They of course loved having all the candy and icing at their fingertips and took full advantage.

We made a Nativity set (like this one) and acted out the Christmas story with dress ups over and over again.
It is always so much fun to have Nana visit. Good thing she is coming back in a few days to play with us some more.


  1. When I get my turn, I want to be a grandma just like Nana!

  2. Nana's beard is hilarious!!

    I love see Charly in our hand me downs!! I am going to clean out Sarah's dresser and closet tomorrow and put together a bag for Charly. Does she need anything? shoes?