Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more Christmas

I was going through all our pictures and found some that I never wrote about.
Maymont Park is a huge area of Richmond with a Nature Center, Children's Farm, Botanical Gardens, lots of open park space, and a mansion. Our family went on a tour of the mansion while it was still decorated for Christmas. It was fun to learn the Richmond history behind Maymont, but it was very difficult keeping little fingers away from all the delicate things we saw on our tour.

After our tour, Chuck took these great pictures with just a point and shoot camera. He is so patient when trying to get a great shot. I think he did a great job. One day when we have a nice fancy camera, I'm sure his pictures will be even more amazing.

More tacky lights tour. There were 2 homes next to each other a mother and son. People were coming by the bus load to these houses. They were amazing.


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