Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happiest Christmas Tree

Get ready for a bunch of posts. We are stuck in the house with almost 12 inches of snow outside and ice/snow still coming down. Church has already been canceled for tomorrow. Fun movie watching, blogging, snow playing days with the family coming up. I'm glad my Christmas prep is already done.

Chuck and I both love the song "Happiest Christmas Tree", by Nat King Cole. It just makes me smile ear to ear. I love it! We listened to it all day when we finally got our Christmas tree last weekend. Last year, we cut our own tree for free. We weren't that lucky this year, so we opted to not to do a cut your own tree farm and just got one from Lowe's since we always go to their free Build and Grow clinics.
For a while we just let the girls put on the ornaments, which led to them all being right in the middle of the tree. Chuck and I really enjoyed going through the ornaments and remembering all the fun places we have been. We collect ornaments as a memory of a trip, event, or place we have lived. We told Leland the stories/trips that went along with the ornaments. Ever since we got the tree, Lucy was talking about putting the star on top, so this year was her turn.

Leland got a hold of the camera and took it upon herself to take some pictures of our decorations and more. It's interesting what she found worthy to take a picture of. She actually took some good pictures.
I know there are 6 stocking hanging, but I had an extra hook so I just put it up. I love having a piano to put my nativity on top of.

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  1. The picture of Lucy that Leland took looks just like you! I don't why I haven't really noticed how much she looks like you at that age. I guess her blond hair kind of hides it, but since you can't see a lot of her hair in that picture it was really obvious.

    Love your piano and mantle decorations!