Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is so much fun with little ones around. I had told Leland that on Christmas morning she had to wait until everyone was awake to open presents. Little did she know that Lucy would sleep an hour longer than her. Leland was so patient. We waited for Lucy, cuddled in bed reading all about the Gates' Christmas Service. The girls really were excited about Christmas despite their not-so-excited looks on their face while waiting for the time to go checkout the Christmas tree.
I made blankets for Leland, Lucy, and Chuck for their Christmas gifts. I let Leland and Lucy pick out their own fabric a few weeks before Christmas. While we were at the store, Leland caught a glimpse of the John Deere fabric and was very excited about a new blanket for her daddy. She was so excited about it, I couldn't resist. You can't tell in the picture, but Chuck, unknowing of the blanket I made, put on his John Deere t-shirt when he woke up. Very fitting. (Now a week later, Lucy still refuses to sleep with or use the blanket I made her. I'm trying not to take it personally.)

We had a delicious breakfast of breakfast casserole and monkey bread. We stayed in our pjs all day long, watched movies, and talked to family on the phone and Skype. It was a wonderful day. My day was complete joy when I found my girls on the bed in the playroom just hanging out talking to each other. It was so adorable. They really do love being with each other, even if they don't get along all the time. And I now have a picture to prove it.


  1. I'd love to copy your family service idea with our families. How did your sister in law go about proposing the idea to everyone?

  2. A perfect day! I love the photo of the girls and their feet - so dear.

  3. That photo of the girls w/ their feet up is priceless!