Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

The morning of Christmas Eve, we decided to take the girls to see Santa. We had realized that we had not talked about Santa at all with Lucy, so we started to prep her. Chuck did a little research on which place to go while I got the girls all dressed up. We went to a mall that had a Polar Express theme area where you walk through life size snow globes while waiting in line. Even though our wait was under 15 minutes, the girls loved playing in the snow globes. One was the inside of a train engine and the other actually "snowed" on you. There also was a guy making complimentary balloon figures. Both girls chose fishing poles.
When it was time to see Santa, the girls were a little apprehensive, hence the odd looking "smiles". Luckily, no one cried and they were willing to talk to Santa. We also chose this Santa because the picture package included your pictures on a jump drive.
Chuck LOVES full turkey dinners, so as a present to him, I cooked a delicious turkey dinner for our family on Christmas Eve. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, cranberry chutney, and cranberry ginger ale (now dubbed "Christmas soda" by our girls).
This was my first turkey that I have cooked and it was AMAZING! I somewhat followed Alton Brown's roasted turkey recipe, but also took my dad's suggestions. Two keys - overnight brine and digital meat thermometer. One thing I would add to the recipe, a spice rub for the outside.

The girls decorated a few cookies for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer. We set up their tent in their room and let them sleep in it Christmas Eve. They looked so cute all cuddled up together.

As much as we missed being with extended family this year, it sure was nice creating memories with just our little family. Now feeling somewhat planted in Richmond long term, I'm excited about creating traditions of things we will do with the girls every Christmas season.

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