Saturday, December 19, 2009

LuLu the Cookoo

LuLu the Cookoo is how Chuck refers to Lucy sometimes. Her personality is just on fire lately. She just cracks me up with her little sayings and attitude. She is starting to talk more and more, but sometimes Leland is the only one who understands her and serves as her translator.

She still has no desire to potty train. When asked if she needs a diaper change her usual response is, "I'm all good." If I call her sweetie or crazy or anything other than Lucy, she will say, "I'm not crazy, I'm Lucy!" She knows most of her colors and almost all of her ABCs. She loves to sing songs, especially ones with motions. Her favorite song right now is "Once there was a Snowman". Her newest phrase is "Oh dear!"

She is often mistaken to be older than she is because she is so tall. In Primary a few weeks ago they brought in all the upcoming Moonbeams (3 year olds) for music time with the older children. Lucy came in and was so excited to be in there with the big kids. I reminded the teacher that Lucy was only 2 years old, and was in the wrong class. They had no idea and had just assumed she was 3. The next week, I found Lucy wandering the halls of church by herself. She had snuck out of Nursery and according to her was "going to the big class with Leland"

Her hair is just out of control sometimes. I love her natural curls, but her cowlicks are out of control. She refuses to keep ponies or clips in her hair and I have determined it's not worth the fight. So she ends up with these wings with soft curls, I'm actually a little jealous of her hair. She loves to twirl hair - her own and others. The hair twirling started as an infant when she would twirl my hair as she nursed. In the picture above, she has twirled her hair so tightly that it has cut off the circulation. The tip of her finger was turning purple, I thought I was going to have to cut her finger out of her hair it was so twisted. She also likes to pick her nose and twirl her "treasures" into her hair. It's quite gross when I go to brush her hair.

It's not always easy doing anything with a full of energy 2 year old. The other morning at the grocery store with her and Charly was...interesting. She had a mini shopping cart that she rammed into the back of my legs and knocked things off the shelf. She refused to let me guide her cart. When we were done she held so tightly onto the handle that I had to pry her little fingers off and carry her out of the store screaming. Not fun for any of us.

She is very physical and strong. She loves to climb and jump. She loves her baby dolls, but also has a love for trains, trucks, and cars.

When she closes her eyes for prayers or anything, she usually also has this adorable grin too. I love it. She gives the best hugs and kisses. She chases Leland around at night to make sure she gets a kiss goodnight from her. I love this little girl so much and she is so much fun to have in our home.


  1. Awe! Lucy! Jace really misses Lucy and still remembers her surprisingly enough. I've shown him her picture a couple of times and he always calls out "Lucy!" We really miss having her as a friend for Jace and wish you guys were closer. Merry Christmas!

  2. She's so cute I miss her so much! That last picture of her looks SO much like a gates baby picture! I swear one of us has that exact same picture doing the same pose!

  3. Those were fun to read about. She is such a cool kid. I realized that the Sunday she escaped from nursery and we wandered the halls together. Ryka sure likes her, too. We should get them together more.