Friday, December 4, 2009

More Fun in NC

On our way to the beach house the first day, we noticed signs for a town called Leland. We had no idea it existed and in NC. It was dark then so, we stopped to take a picture on our way out of town. Our Leland was so excited. Who knew that we really started the trend of naming our kids after a town/city (cousins Houston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, and Savannah all were born this year!)

Before heading home from the beach, we decided to take the girls to Wilmington Children's Museum. It was awesome! We took my lil' sis Layni with us too.

They were pirates, dentists, scientists, chefs, and artists. They played dress up, worked in a grocery store and played music. We were able to do a lot in the short time that we were there. We had so much fun and wore the girls out for our trip.


  1. So much fun! I love it when you find little things like that. Jace's middle name is in town in VA just outside of Lexington, Elon. I bet Leland loved that!

  2. That is so fun for Leland. How funny about all of the cousins being named after cities. I never realized that.