Monday, November 9, 2009

Running Errands

I had an interesting morning running errands today. I only had Lucy and Charly with me, so things felt a little easier, or so I thought. First stop, the DMV to get a new license. It went well, a surprisingly short visit.

Did you know that they don't let you smile in your picture?!? The poor cheerful man at the desk next to me had to take his picture 3 times. They kept telling him he was smiling too much. Weird! I didn't have any problem not smiling, Lucy was hanging on my legs begging me to pick her up. Can't wait to see what my picture is going to look like.

Then off to the Post Office. I decided to put Charly in the wrap carrier instead of the stroller. Wrong move. As I was waiting in line, Charly started to get fussy and I started to bounce a little, then all of a sudden she threw up all down my side, down my leg, on top of my foot (I had on flip-flops), and all over the floor. I stood there in shock, not sure of my next move.

I said to the man behind me, "Not exactly what you wanted to see at the post office this morning, is it?" He offered to go to his car and get me some napkins. I was so grateful. He came back with a stack of napkins and anti-bacterial wipes. I tried to clean up the mess, while Lucy crawled all over the floor. The woman in front of me was worried Lucy was getting dirty and seriously that was the least of my worries at that point. I was more concerned with the squishy feeling I could still feel between my toes.

Lucy had brought in a little star wand that fit perfectly in a gap under the display of shipping boxes and labels. She would push it under, couldn't get it out, then whine for me to help her. I retrieved the wand a few times before it was my turn in line and could no longer help her. She kept asking for help and I told she just had to wait. Meanwhile, another nice man waiting in line, sprawled down onto the floor flat on his stomach to try to reach the wand for my daughter.  His hands her were too big and apologized that he couldn't get it for her. I was surprised he even tried.

I was a little embarrassed by the whole fiasco wondering why I even left the house, but felt so grateful for such helpful strangers. I love living in an area where most of the people are so friendly and exude Southern hospitality. When I told the story to Chuck, he said, "Another example of why I chose to become a Southerner."

I had planned to also go the grocery store, but decided it was time to just go home.


  1. Sometimes I wonder why we go out at all! What a story and what nice people! I miss you and wish I knew Charly

  2. What nice men, so willing to help a struggling mama! Good call on going home! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks - yippee!!

  3. Today, I completely agree and say, "I miss Virginia with all my converted heart." People really are so different there and kind. I'm so glad they were so helpful for you.

  4. Man- Whoever you were mailing a package to better understand the true value of what you went through! I can barely do it with one at an easy age- I don't know what I'll do as they increase in number to outnumber me!

  5. I agree with lani! How do you do it with more than one!?

  6. LOL... Ashley was sending a package to the person who best understands a difficult morning with kids... Charise!

    Ashley's rough morning looks minuscule compared to what Char endures with her kids' Doctor's appointments, hospital visits, and behavioral challenges. Not to mention the phone calls saying "Hey, do you want a third child... come get her TODAY!" Char is the ultimate example of patience and enduring the bad days to embrace the rewarding days.

    (Of course, I was only supportive of Ashley's rough morning.) Char's example probably is what helped us just laugh about her morning's adventures.

  7. Oh my word~ I was totally laughing at your post and LOVING it! For 2 years both Bill and I did not go ANYWHERE without a full change of clothes, including undies (Gs) and socks. At Disneyland, I would have a bag just with my change of clothes, and i used it OFTEN!!!

    Then when I read that the package was for me, my laughter turns so quickly to tears. Ashley, you are one of the great joys in my life. I am so so so thankful Heavenly Father sent you to be my sister! I love you so much. Please know that I wear my wrap EVERYWHERE!!!! And the feel of my precious baby snuggled up against me is priceless.

    Thank you!!!