Friday, November 13, 2009

Lights Out

Last week, it rained here for about 3 solid days. On the main street through our neighborhood 4 huge trees fell into the road and knocked down power lines. At about 6pm on Thursday evening, the power went out and did not come back on for 18 hours (Friday at noon).

There's nothing like a trial by fire to test your emergency preparedness. Dinner was in the oven, minutes away from being done, but I had just put a pie in the oven for a recipe swap that I was planning on attending that night, but missed.

We got out some candles and flashlights. The best addition to our emergency box were head lamp lights (think coal miners). We got them this summer to use while camping and have loved them. You can have a light right where you are looking and both hands free.

The girls had the best time playing in the dark, especially Lucy. Our little scaredy-cat who has become scared of everything lately loved the excitement of having no power. With her headlamp she was just fine and confident to go into any dark room.

We had a fun night with a candle-lit dinner and cuddling in bed. I would have thought with it being so dark the girls would have gone to bed quickly, but it took forever to get Lucy to sleep. The next morning with the power still out, we decided it was a great excuse to have breakfast at McD's. We have one close by with a great indoor play area. My biggest 6'2" kid had the most fun. Hearing him come down the twisty tunnel slide was hilarious. I wish I had a video of that.


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  2. Sometimes Olivia likes to use Jim's head light when she goes to bed. One night I found her sound asleep with it still on and on her head.

  3. I would really love to see Chuck go down the twisty slide! I'm sure he's such a fun dad!

  4. Oh cute daddy chuck playing on the playplace! And love the video of Lucy and her voice. I love that voice!