Sunday, November 22, 2009

My week with 5

This is for my sister Suzanne. I watched her two daughters aged 3 yrs and 1 yrs old last week while her and her husband went on a cruise. So I had 5 little girls aged 4, 3, 2, 1, and 4 months for 5 days, 4 nights.

We had so much fun with Emily and Sarah. Leland had been counting down the days. Her and Lucy were so excited the time finally came for their cousins to play at our house without their mom and dad. Sorry Suz, Emily only looked for you once and it was only a fleeting moment. Sarah latched right on to me as her caretaker and became weary of anyone else, ie. Chuck or Aunt Zebra.

We taught Emily how to set her own place at the table with her plate and silverware. She also learned it was her job to clean up her plate after a meal. She did great with both. Both girls slept all night, every night and never woke up in the middle of the night.

Emily was very possessive of "her" baby. Whenever Leland would play with Sarah, Emily would get territorial and try to wiggle herself between Leland and Sarah. I told Emily it was okay for Leland to play with Sarah and they could both play with her. She responded, "This (Sarah) is my baby. Charly is her baby. She go play with Charly."

I had forgotten what a fun age that 1 years old is. Sarah was so cuddly and loved to be tickled and play peek-a-boo. Those big brown eyes just melt my heart. She sure loves that blankie. We used the blankie to help her warm up to Chuck and Zebra. Zebra would hold on to the blanket and she would have to go to her in order to have the blanket. It worked great.

Aunt Zebra came to help on Thursday and Friday. We had fun playing with bubbles and jumping in leaves. Emily is just so dainty and feminine. The way she carries herself, eats, and plays. She just takes her time with everything. My girls are fast - the wolf down food and run basically everywhere. Sweet little Emily takes her time, a true Southern girl. She gets in her own little world at times, singing and talking. It's pretty hilarious to watch.

I took the 3 older girls to the play area at the mall one afternoon while Zebra stayed with the 2 little ones. {warning this is gross - read at your own risk} I tell you this because I could only laugh at the craziness that I was consumed with. We were playing for about 15 mins and Leland says she needs to go potty. We get all the shoes back on and walk to the potty, which is not close at all. Come back and played for about another 15 mins when Leland comes to me with wide eyes saying, all in one breath, "Mom, I need to go poop. I need to go poop, right now! I need to sit on a potty right now or I'm going to poop my pants...oops...I pooped my pants." I could see the embarrassment and horror in her eyes. It was hard to get mad at her. I was extremely lucky that it was all "contained." Needless to say we left. Cleaned up in the bathroom and went home. All I could do was laugh. My one outing and someone ended up with poop in their pants.

Another funny story, but again, be warned, it's gross. I was reading the girls stories all cuddled on the couch. Emily was, well, picking her nose. I could tell she was really digging for something. I asked her if she needed a tissue and she said, "No." A few seconds later, I see her pull out a big booger and is headed for her mouth. I say, "Wait, let me get you a tissue." Emily replies, "No, I just put it back." Stuffs her booger covered finger back in her nose and it comes out clean. Nice work.

Other fun that we had together:
  • Bubbles

  • jumping in leaves
  • Fun Fruit night - The girls discovered pomegranate and kiwi

Other fun for another post:
  • Lowe's Build and Grow
  • dancing with Nana
I had so much fun with those 5 little girls. Now having just my 3 will seem so easy. I was exhausted by the end of every day. I was surprised by how worn out I was and we didn't even go anywhere most days. I was napping within minutes of mom leaving with them on Saturday. I had to tear Lucy away from Nana's car while she was crying, "No go to Nana's house!"

I am so grateful for Chuck who helped out so much and loves those little girls so much. I appreciate my friend Sarah who picked up Leland from preschool for me and cleaned my whole kitchen that first full day I had them. I am so glad that my aunt came to help on Thursday and Friday. She made it so much fun for all of them.

Thank you Suz for trusting me to take care of your children. I loved having them in my home and getting to know their personalities more. Chuck and I are planning our next getaway and will be cashing in our reciprocation soon. I hope you had a blast on your cruise.


  1. I loved reading about the girls and seeing the pictures. It made the vacation extra enjoyable knowing the girls were having so much fun. I loved that they got to bond with their cousins and aunt and uncle. I am so glad it wasn't too hard on you. I really appreciate you watching them. And you and Chuck seriously need to go away together... you just have to leave me your minivan!

  2. Hey you made it! I'm glad I got to see you in action! You are amazing.