Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fancy dining

Tonight, we went to our new favorite "buffet" restaurant, well actually it is more like a private club we recently joined. A special thank you to Amy for inviting us to become members of such a swanky club with her. Who says private, members-only clubs with fancy dining options are only for the wealthy?

For our appetizer, we had 6 types of fancy cheeses and an "order" of bbq chicken wings. Our main dish was crab cakes, sausage, and bruschetta pork, with sides of green bean casserole and asparagus. Dessert was cheesecake, coconut cake, and a lovely nutty, cranberry, chocolate dish. Sure, the plates are pretty small and sometimes only napkins (let's call it American tapas style), and you can't allow yourself to feel guilty going back for extra helpings, but it sure is tasty!

I guess, when you are too poor to afford a true fancy dinner, you are not too difficult to please.

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