Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Carving" Pumpkins

After we got our pumpkins on Monday, I set them out on the front porch until we had time to decorate them. A hungry little squirrel decided to help us start the carving process and enjoyed a nice little snack.

We opted this year to not do the traditional carving, but used Mr Potato Head-like features to decorate our pumpkins. It was so much fun and so easy. The girls loved that they could do it themselves and they could change the faces around if they wanted.

BTW - I got the kits last year after Halloween when everything was on sale. So go check out the sales tomorrow.

The whole "spooky" family.

Our little Lucy has been a frightened by the holiday this year. Everything was so scary to her. After we decorated our pumpkins she did not like them hanging out on our kitchen table. We had to turn them around so she would even walk by the room. I tried telling her they were just silly faces and she eventually warmed up to them and would give them kisses, but the next day they were scary again. This little fear made shopping a little easier for me, since there were Halloween decorations everywhere, she would stay right by me and even requested to ride in the shopping carts.


  1. CUTE! Your Walmart had different faces than ours - I love the witch one.

  2. I love the faces. I just might go out to walmart tomorrow! I love that Lucy is scared of Halloween. She is so cute. (Her hair, by the way, is getting so gorgeous!! I wish my hair was as cute as hers!)

    We miss Leland and Lucy (and Charly, I'm sure) so much!! Tell them hi! And we should chat. I'll call you soon!

    Love you guys.

  3. Hi Ashley! What a great idea for pumpkins! If I could get to the store, I would do it. (Getting to the store is problematic these days....)