Monday, November 16, 2009

Every day moments

Our girls are all in such a great stage right now. I just want to capture some of their cute every day moments that make being their mom such a joy.

When Lucy closes her eyes she can't help but smile too and she usually giggles. It's just so adorable and makes prayer-time extra fun.

Lucy = brown eyes, curly hair. Leland = blue eyes, straight hair. But both love to cheese for the camera.

Before we went to Train Day in Ashland on Saturday, we stopped by Lowe's for a much anticipated Build-and-Grow Clinic. Over a month ago, Chuck put it on his calendar as a must do because it was building a Lowe's #48 Garage for Jimmie Johnson, complete with a car for the garage. Leland was very proud that she did it by herself (with some help from the Lowe's employee, but mom and dad were not allowed to help).

Leland hasn't been a big colorer lately, but give her paper, scissors, and tape and she goes to town crafting. She has been making crowns, bracelets, rings, and little people.

She makes crowns to fit all sizes.

Charly is such great baby. I'm still in awe that she sleeps all night - 9 pm to 8 am. If only my if big girls would sleep like that. She is growing so fast. She's not a big fan of tummy time or her bumbo chair, but loves all the attention she gets from her sisters.

When we are in the car, Leland and Lucy act like they are on a roller coaster. I don't feel like I'm a crazy driver, but I frequently see them with their arms in the air saying, "Wheeee!" They also yell "DUCK!!!" whenever we go under a bridge, signs, power lines, stoplights, or pretty much anything.The best is when Leland asks for me to crash into other cars on the freeway, "Like the cars that crash in the race" (aka NASCAR). She's not convinced that us crashing will not be as fun and exciting as Daddy makes it out to be while watching the race.

Now to bed - I have 2 extra little girls for the week. My nieces Emily (3) and Sarah (1) are here for fun while their parents vacation. Dinner and bedtime went surprisingly smooth. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


  1. I am praying that TONIGHT goes well for you... meaning that they both sleep through the night for you! I so very appreciate you watching them. You are the best and I love you so much!

    PS- You are definitely go to be the favorite aunt... as long as you don't make them sleep in the bathroom. I forgot to tell you that today Leland told me that Sarah was sleeping in your bathroom and Emily was going to be in the other one. :)

  2. Oh, that was me- Suz, not Andy that posted that.

  3. adorable girls. Cherish every second!