Sunday, July 13, 2008

Buddies, Bats, and Burns

We are having a fun week at my mom's house. All 7 grand kids are here and they are having a blast playing together. Nick and Leland had a hard-boiled egg eating contest (their idea). They enjoyed the first egg and the next half was tough on both of them. It ended with Nick gagging.

My mom has felt that she has had a bat problem for some time. While sleeping in the bonus room, Christine kept hearing them at night. The last straw was when she saw a bat's legs hanging out from under the shutters. Larry (My mom's husband) decided to bang on the shutters to scare them. 25 bats flew out!!!!! It was crazy. No one could get their camera out fast enough to catch any pictures.

It only took 4 days with 7 kids in the house for a visit to the ER. Sadly it was the youngest, my Lucy who required the visit. We were all getting ready for church which was crazy as you could imagine. It was almost at 8:30am (which was the desired departure time). My girls and I were ready to go. I was cleaning up Leland from breakfast when I heard Lucy crying. My mom went to find her and started to yell. She was sitting next to an iron on the floor in the corner of the dining room.

My sister Christine left an iron on the floor. All of us, especially her, are still wondering why she was ironing on the floor and why in the world she left a hot (unplugged, but still hot) iron on the floor with all the little kids running around the house. Lucy had crawled over to it and we think it knocked over on top of her hand and arm.

She ended up with 2nd degree burns on her hand and arm. It's luckily on the top of her thumb and pointer finger and not on her palm side which would have been a lot worse. There also is a burn in the crease of her arm where it bends. I changed the bandages tonight because they were covered in food and dirt. The blisters are still huge. I want to try to get a picture later. I am grateful because it could have been a lot worse (KatieB I thought about you and Avery a lot this morning while in the ER).

It just broke my heart to see her cry so hard while in pain. I think my sister and I actually cried more than she did. She was amazing in the ER and afterwards so happy and playful, even more happy than usual. It is probably because she is being pumped with Motrin.

We have 3 more days of our vacation so hopefully there are no more visits to the ER.

We miss you Chuck (Daddy)! We are excited to see you soon.


  1. oh goodness... i guess Christine was thinking that it is a huge task to get her kids ready for church with everyone running around. An easy mistake to make - I am glad Lucy was happy afterwards and what a blessing that she will heal quickly.

  2. I'm glad Lucy is okay. Very scary. Enjoy the rest of your time with family!

  3. Poor Lucy, obviously, I feel horrible about it. Lucy has been a trooper and has been in great spirits the whole trip. I feel sad every time I see her little bandages.