Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Crofts come to visit

On Saturday, July 5, Tyler and Cecia Croft came to visit Lexington for the day. They live in Charlottesville, about an hour and 15 minutes northeast of us. It was lots of fun to have them here while the McBrides were here too.

We started the day at Boxerwood Gardens. It was very peaceful to sit and relax in the natural setting while the adults chatted and the kids played. Tyler and I got caught up in playing in the creek with the kids. Here are some photos of the kids playing.

After Boxerwood, we went to get homemade ice cream at Sweet Treats. Then we went to see Lee Chapel on the Washington and Lee University campus. We took the obligatory picture with General Lee and the historical Confederate flags.

Hale was especially interested in Traveller's grave and the student tradition of leaving gifts at the grave to provide for Traveller. Students believed that if you left Traveller a gift, you would do well on your next exam. Originally, carrots and apples were the gifts of choice, but eventually, the tradition evolved into leaving coins. If you leave a penny, it should be left tails side up because Abraham Lincon is on the other side (not really meant to be as disrespectful as it sounds). A quarter (Virginian George Washington and namesake of the school) or nickel (Virginian Thomas Jefferson) is to be left face up.

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