Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July - Part 2 of 3

Probably the biggest hit of our whole day for the kids was the fire truck. This entertained them longer than the bounce houses did. The firemen were so nice and patient with them. Each of the kids took their turn "driving" the fire truck. Conner of course wanted to sit in ALL of the trucks that were around even though they were not fire trucks.

I love the picture on the right with the hot-air balloon lifting in the background. My husband catches such great pictures!

The only reason we were able to pry the kids away from the trucks was because the hot-air balloons started going up. This year marked the 12th Annual Hot-Air Balloon Rally in Lexington. July 3rd and 4th at dawn and dusk a bunch of balloons would go up. You could pay a large chunk of money to go on a long ride or go up in a tethered balloon. We preferred to watch from the ground. It was pretty neat to see a bunch go into the air at the same time.

Leland LOVED it!

Addition to Part 1 - While Leland was riding the pony I walked beside her the entire time. About half way through I felt something wet splattering on my legs. I looked in the sky to see if it was starting to rain, and it was not. Then I made the mistake of looking behind me and I noticed a trail of horse poop on the ground. It was not just one plop, there were several. I then realized the wetness that I was feeling was horse poop splattering onto my legs. I was totally grossed out. Between this and our previous experience at the Horse Center, I am not a big fan of horses or ponies.


  1. I had to laugh at the wet legs! :)

  2. Oh Ashley,
    I could die. That is so gross. I wouldn't like horses much either after your day. Thanks for giving us all a good laugh.

  3. You two have a Beautiful Family ! Chuck I always knew you'd be in politics and an Attorney? For Sure!
    I am proud of you and your family raised in the Gospel. Maybe someday we will cross paths...
    Your Friend,

    Colby Adams