Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fair Time

The past few days was the Rockbridge Regional Fair. Some of the things we wanted to watch, like bull riding, were earlier in the week but we had forgotten about. I was bummed, but decided to still check it out on Saturday afternoon. We wandered around for a while mostly watching the horses.

We arrived at the Kid's Tractor Pedal Pull just as they were about to start. Leland was so cute on the mini tractor. The total length of the track was about 40 ft. Leland pedaled her heart out for 10 ft 3 in. The little kids in their chaps, cowboy hats, and John Deere t-shirts were so adorable. I love living in the country. Chuck wants a big belt buckle so bad. I'm not sure I will ever see him in Wranglers in boots though.

It was fun to see all the exhibits. Leland's favorite were the roosters. Tonight while Chuck and Leland were talking to Papa & Grammy on Skype, Chuck sent them this picture.

Papa says, "Which ones do you like best - the chicks in the front or the chicks in the back?"

Leland replies, "Papa they're not chickens, they're roosters!"


  1. Does Chuck know he can't wear a big buckle with shorts and flip flops?? He will have to buy a whole new wardrobe to go with the belt buckle. Maybe he should start with a cowboy hat and work up to the buckle.

  2. Geez, you guys do so many fun things, it makes me want to move to Lexington. Lucy and Leland look like they are loving summer fun!