Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Update

Summer is quickly coming to a close. We are packing as many activities as possible in these next few weeks before Chuck heads back to school. Hooray that this will start his LAST year of law school!!

Leland - She has really grown up in these last few months. She loves everything that involves dancing or singing. I hope to find some sort of music class for her to be a part of in the fall. She loves to look at books, have us read her stories, or she reads to her dolls. She is a chatterbox and loves to talk.

The other afternoon Chuck was lying next to Leland while she was watching a movie. He said he was falling asleep and everytime he did Leland would shake him telling him to wake up. I later asked Leland why she kept waking Dad up while they were watching the movie. She said he was being too loud. When I asked what he sounded like she replied "He sounded like a hippopotamus!" and started cracking up laughing.

Everything in her world is a mommy, daddy, or a baby. If there is less than 3 of anything, one is lost or missing. For example, if she sees a horse all alone in a field she will say "Oh No! The baby lost his mommy and daddy." When she colors there is a "mommy crayon", "daddy crayon", and "baby crayon".

She is also set on having a baby brother (NO this is NOT any sort of announcement). There is no baby on the way, but whenever there is let's hope for Leland's sake it's boy. She will take toys and put them to the side to tell me that she is "saving them for her brother to play with." She has also started telling people that her baby brother is in her mommy's belly, which is obviously a little embarrassing. I have been trying to tell her that she may get another sister someday and she says "No, I only want a brother."

We have started playing some new games. Apparently she thinks she has grown out of Candy Land and High-Ho Cherry-O. She now asks to play Jenga and Scrabble. Obviously we don't really play Scrabble we just line up the letters and she asks me to spell different names and words. Jenga she's gotten figured out and it is hilarious to watch her face when the blocks fall.

Leland's ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder came back fine. The antibiotics having been working great. She will have one more test in a few days to make sure the infection is completely gone.

Lucy - is no longer a baby and has shot right into toddlerhood. She is walking all over the place and will climb on everything, luckily nothing too high yet. She is taking after her sister and loves to dance. If she hears music she will bop up and down or will come get someones hand to dance with her. It's pretty cute.

She loves to wear her daddy's hats. Her own hats while out in the sun, not so much, but loves her dad's. It's pretty funny when it falls over her eyes and she walks around not being able to see where she is going. Lucy also loves to wear necklaces and bracelets and "talk" on the phone.

Her hair in the back is growing longer and there is CURL!! What?!?! My 1st child has blue eyes, now my 2nd has curl in her hair. Genetics are so unpredictable.

Lucy is a tough little girl and puts up with her sister wrestling her to the ground. She is learning to hold her own quite nicely. I can only laugh when Leland starts to cry saying, "Lucy hurt me."


  1. I completely agree, I am soooo glad this is the last year. But I will be sad to leave Virginia, it's really grown on me. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  2. First of all the hippopotamus comment is HILARIOUS!!! I was way sad that Mike was going to see you and not me. So I am glad you are coming in 1 1/2 weeks. Second, GOOD LUCK on the boy thing!

    We are excited to see you!