Sunday, April 20, 2008

Leland's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday, Leland was healthy enough that we were able to have a fun birthday party. She wasn't actually sick anymore, but who knows if she could still be spreading germs. We tried to keep everything outdoors as much as possible just in case there were germs in the house. We played at the park at the end of our street, flew our kite, then had lunch in our yard. We did well until everyone started getting tired, ready for naps, and it looked as if it would rain. It was so nice to see all the cousins play together. (In the picture top to bottom: Afton, Leah, Lucy, Nicholas, Leland, Noah, Emily).

Leland had a fairly specific list of things she wanted at her party. Pink balloons and chocolate & pink cake were the 2 things repeated most often. The balloons looked as if they were going to lift her right off the ground. See the post below for more on the cake. While everyone was arriving and playing at the park, Chuck arranged her presents and balloons in the house for when Leland arrived for her party. (He is such a cute Dad.)

Our BIG birthday purchase for Leland was a bike. When I say "big" I mean big in her eyes, but not expensive. We found this bike at Goodwill the week we moved to Lex in August of last year and have stored it in our attic for the last 9 months. Cost: pink princess bike $1.95, training wheels $0.95, air for the tires $0.75 = Total $3.65. Chuck spent Friday evening cleaning it up and fixing the brakes. She was SO excited about it. My mom got her a helmet, basket, horn, and "Princess" license plate. (Thanks Nana!)

She also got a tea party set, princess puzzle book, camping gear (tent sleeping bag, backpack, flashlight), fishing pole, dolls for her $0.25 doll house, castle piggy bank, and princess stickers. We are ready for our summer - let's go camping and fishing!

We appreciate the family members that traveled to visit for Leland's birthday. I really hope no one in my family gets sick. Thanks for the gifts and thanks for coming to visit. We love you all. (Aunt 'Zebra' not pictured.)

Check out more pictures here.


  1. Happy birthday to Leland! It sounds like you had a great day. Ashley, you did a great job on the cake! And I love the picture of everyone at the bottom of the post!

  2. It was so fun, so glad we could be there to celebrate with cute little Leland!! So far, so good on the sickness front. Love you guys!

  3. Happy Birthday Leland! I'm glad she was healthy enough to enjoy it by Saturday!

  4. Sounds so fun! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with Leland. Tallons 3 year old B-day is coming up and Collins also wanted to get him a bike. You did an awesome job on the cake...and so did Chuck!

  5. I can't believe Leland is already 3 year old. Time flies! Great score on the bike and her cake was cute too!