Monday, April 14, 2008

Leland Loves....

A way to use old magazines and to entertain Leland is to cut pictures out of them so she could glue them on paper. In the past, I usually stuck to the ZooNewz and the Friend. Today, I had the idea to flip through Parenting magazine and let her pick out things she loves to glue to her paper. It was really fun and Leland, of course, got really excited about the project. I let her turn the pages till she found a picture of something she LOVES.
So here's what Leland loves..

  • Clifford

  • paints

  • piano

  • Little Einsteins

  • cupcakes

  • ice cream

  • peas (yes, you read that right)

  • Pat the Bunny book

  • Wyatt from Super Why

  • goldfish

  • polar bears

  • turtles

  • rubber ducks

      1. What a cute idea! Keep posting cute stuff you do with the kids. Tallon loves seeing pics of Leland on your blog!

      2. She is so happy and proud of herself. How cute!