Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We are finally feeling more settled in our new home. We absolutely love our house. Last night, we ate dinner on our screened-in back porch, thanks to my mom and Larry who brought us their old patio furniture. We are slowly unpacking boxes. There are still things I haven't found, like my girls' pajamas.

After all the craziness with our house not being ready, we sent the older girls to play with their cousins in NC for two days. We were really able to get a lot of things done. Thanks Mitzi. When we went to pick them up we got to visit my sister at her new house and go to the temple. It was an easy 3 hour drive down there.

Chuck started his job today. We are very excited for him. We loved having him unemployed for those few months. The girls have missed him today though. Lucy keeps asking "Where's Daddy?" When I tell her he is at work, she goes by the computer in the office and says "He not here? Where's Daddy?"

I finally found a preschool for Leland. I am very excited for her. She loves going to school. I'm excited to do some fun things with Lucy during that time. Right before we moved, Leland got another UTI - not fun. Poor girl. She had a fever after finishing her round of antibiotics, so I had to quickly find a pediatrician here. I was very impressed with the one I found. No more UTI, but I still am waiting to hear from her urologist at UVA to find out if they want to see her again. (FYI since several have asked - her surgery wasn't supposed to prevent UTIs, it just prevents the infection from spreading up to her kidneys if she does get a UTI).

Leland has fallen in love with some ruby red shoes (think Dorthy from Wizard of Oz) that came in a box from my sister. They are 2 sizes too big, but she still wears them all day long. She even asked if she had to take them off when it was time to go to sleep.

Lucy's personality has come out in full force lately. She is hilarious. I love her laugh and her deep voice. She gets covered in mosquito bites the moment she walks outside. I was covered in mosquito bites for most of my childhood - we have the sweet blood I guess. She is obsessed with her binkie and blanket. If she gets hurt, she finds little comfort in mommy until she has a binkie in her mouth. We try to limit it to bedtime and have to hide them during the day. As for the blanket, it does not matter what blanket, just any blanket that seems like it could be "hers."

Charly is getting so big and is starting to smile more and more. Her eyes look like they might be staying blue. Besides that, I think she looks like me as a baby. She handles all the "love" she gets from her sisters pretty well.

As for me, I'm excited about living in this area. Going from very limited shopping choices to every store I can think of is pretty nice. I feel very spoiled. I did get a little lost trying to find Kroger the other day. I'm starting to learn my way around. I do wish we had a GPS system, but not having one, forces me to really learn my way around on my own.

It is great to have TV and internet again. Although, we were much more productive unpacking boxes without it.

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures!! So glad to finally have an update from you all. We sure miss you guys.