Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trying to move in

We spent this weekend trying to move into our new house in Richmond. I say trying because we moved in our stuff (with lots of help from men from church) on Saturday morning, but it is Sunday night and we are sleeping in a hotel. I usually love staying in hotels, but trying to get 3 kids to bed in the same room, while you still want to stay up is pretty difficult. It's almost 11 pm and the older two are finally almost asleep. The only problem is that it is likely that they will still wake up at 6:30 am.

We are extremely excited about our new house, but it realistically wasn't really ready to have new tenants move in. It still has some maintenance things that need to be done, painting, and especially needs to be cleaned. The management company said they would be done before last Friday, but they were not. The water and gas were not turned on which were the big issues. We got the water on ourselves on Saturday, but no one from the gas company will come out until Tuesday. We discovered the gas (which means no hot water) late on Saturday night. We decided it was too late to go to a hotel then, so we endured cold showers to get ready for church.

We enjoyed our first Sunday in our new ward. Four new families, including ourselves, were announced in Sacrament meeting. We are excited to meet new friends and get settled in.

During a Sunday drive we discovered a really cool looking park that I'm excited to take the girls to. My goal for this week is to try to find a preschool to enroll Leland in. I'm really glad that we have a week here before Chuck starts his job.

I am so grateful that so many things have come together for us in these last few weeks. We have been so blessed. During all the craziness and chaos that occurs with moves, the girls have done really well. The one stable thing we have is our family. It has been so much fun all the time we have been able to spend together over the past few weeks. It has been great just being together and remembering that what is really important is our family.

Today in church we were privileged to have the Washington DC Temple president and his wife, Pres. and Sis. Tingey speak in sacrament meeting. They spoke of temples and the purpose of temples - sealing families for eternity. We don't know many things about what it's going to be like after this life, but we do know that through the sealing power found in the temple, families can be united forever. I am so grateful for the family relationships that I have and that we will all be together forever.

In Relief Society, our lesson was this talk from the Priesthood session of General Conference. Focusing on what matters most is truly important. The fact that all our belongings are in boxes, in a home that is not ready to be lived in really doesn't matter. I have a wonderful family, my children are happy and healthy, my husband finally has a job, we all love each other, and through the sealing power found in the temple we will be together forever - that's what matters most.


  1. Ashley Whoo hoo,
    I am so thankful to be your sister. You are such a DARLING example of the kind of girl I want to be. I love the whole "what matters most" theory. It has sure made my life better and easier this past year.
    Miss you much,

  2. That is so exciting everything is coming into place. The school road was long lol! I can't wait to see pics of your house. How close are you guys to Washingtong D.C? My grandma is on a mission there at the temple and my brother and his wife just moved to VA as well. I hope Chuck enjoys his new job and the house stuff works out well and quickly!

  3. Wow my dear. Great attitude! I can't wait to see what the new place looks like and to hear about all of your new adventures! Sure do miss you guys. It was fun having you all around for the summer when most everyone else had left.

  4. Hope all is going well. You have the best attitude. I'm glad I got to ride by your new place. It is going to be darling once everything gets in place. I got some extra furniture you might be able to use because I'm thinking you have some extra rooms. I have some nice rugs and a round table with chairs to match. Larry has the truck and we can bring them up if you need them.