Friday, September 18, 2009

Lucy misses her sister

This week Leland started preschool. She loves going to school so much. Her school is on the way to Chuck's work, so he has been dropping her off in the morning. This morning he had an early meeting, so I had to take her with both the little girls.

Lucy was NOT happy about leaving Leland there at school. She threw a little fit on the floor in the hallway and I had to drag her out of the building. Charlotte is in the car seat carrier, which is heavy just carrying that, but then throw in carrying (dragging) a 35 lb 2 year-old while kicking around too, it was quite the workout.

I finally got the girls to the car, after Lucy sat down twice in the middle of the busy parking lot. Sporting her newest saying over and over, "It's not fair!" while crossing her arms and pouting her lips, huffing and puffing.

After she calmed down, I asked Lucy what she wanted to do during her special time with mommy. I gave her a few choices - library, mall, playground, or yoga (I threw that in there, cause that's what I wanted to do).

She chose to go home to do yoga. Great choice. At least she gives me a little reward for our tough morning.

Leland's only been gone 1 out of the 3 hours for today and Lucy has asked twice when Leland will be home. I love that she misses her sister. I need to remind them of this when they are driving each other crazy later today.

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  1. That is so cute! It is kind of the opposite at our house lol. My girls seem to be loving the mornings because they get to play with Tallons toys without him getting mad. At least they have eachother so they still have someone to play with. Leland must be so good with Lucy.