Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooing & Singing

Charlotte is getting smiley and will coo and "talk" to you. It's so cute. Chuck can always get her talking. If you listen to Lucy in the background you can hear her say "So cute, Charly." "So cute!" is her newest favorite saying.

Leland can learn the words to songs after just listening to them a few times. She has 2 favorite CDs right now. One is Primary songs and the other is Patriotic songs. Here is her singing "Proud to be an American" with Lucy getting a word or two in their too.

I love the conviction that she sings with. (PS - this is also to further our attempt to entice more Gates sisters to move East, namely ones that will start a Kids R Music).


  1. How fun that she is cooing. Kate is cooing little bits and she smiles all the time. She is so happy. My favorite part though is Lucy in the background saying, "so cute". I love it!

  2. That lucy cracks me up. ANd how cute is Leland.... "and that's where I just stop." And everytime I look at your blog, I still am like, "Oh yeah... they have a new baby!" I just don't realize it because we haven't met her yet! But so fun!

  3. That is pretty incredible. I am thinking that I have probably heard that song more times in my life then she has in hers. Yet she can sing every word and all I know is the chorus. Good Luck with that brilliance on your hands!