Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recent Happenings

I'm capturing more of Charly's smiles. I feel like I don't take nearly enough pictures of Charlotte. I think that happens often with every child after the first. I also realize, after playing with my sister's fancy camera while visiting her, that I just can't do great close up shots with my camera.

We discovered a nest of Japanese hornets soon after we moved into our house. We only see them really badly when it is dark because they are attracted to light. Their nest is in a hole in the trunk of a tree in our backyard. In an attempt to get rid of them Chuck covered every inch of skin and attacked their home at 6 a.m. one morning. It really did no good at all. We can't even see the nest since the hole is so high on the tree. We are not sure what the solution is going to be besides not ever playing outside after dark.

Lucy's hair is getting longer, so I attempted pig tails again. She looked so adorable and was so cute and excited about getting 2 ponies in her hair.

Lucy has become my challenge lately. She is just so full of energy. Constantly. We have resorted to never going out in public without her monkey backpack (AKA - The Leash). We are lucky that she actually gets very excited about wearing the monkey. I'm sure people think I'm crazy with my 2-month baby in the front pack and 2-year old on a leash walking around Target. Yesterday, she ran circles around me while Leland was chasing her to hold her hand. The leash wrapped tightly around my legs at the knee. I thought I was going to topple right over.

Last night Lucy was up from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. coming into our room about every 15 minutes trying to climb into our bed to sleep. She would tap (slap) me on the head and say "Mommy, I sleep with you." I'm pretty firm on NEVER starting that trend. It was a rough night. My 2-month old slept from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. that same night. It's like they plot with each other to make sure the parents never get a good night's sleep. "Hey I'm going to sleep tonight, so tonight it's your turn to keep them up. Ahh, Ha, Ha!"

I've been letting Leland totally dress herself lately. I love the outfits she comes up with. I told her that Church is about the only time that I will have to choose what she wears.
Orange striped shirt
Green paisley skirt
Red socks
Pink shoes

Green striped shirt
Pink plaid skort
Yellow socks
Pink shoes

Lucy has showed a tiny bit of interest in the potty. This is her pretending to grunt while trying to go #2.


  1. Such a fun update! You might just have to hire the pros to take care of the bugs. Yuck...

  2. Wow! I have so many comments that I don't know where to start.

    Charly - I am glad you are getting use out of that cute dress. And I will have to bring my camera and we can set up a photo shoot next month.

    Chuck - I have no words for his outfit, well maybe just HILARIOUS!

    Leland - We obviously know where Leland gets her fashion sense... see the above comment!

    Lucy - Such cute pigtails, but I think she may have your crazy cowlick (sp?)

    Thanks for the cute update!

  3. SUZANNE! I am DYING Laughing at your comment! Oh my brother and his wonderful sense of fashion... yellow banana shoes and all! :) Love Leland's outfits. And Lucy looks SO CUTE with her 2 ponies! Miss you guys.