Sunday, November 23, 2008

ESPN vs Twilight

ESPN College Game Day broadcasts from a college campus for Saturday football games. Chuck loves his ESPN and especially college football. While watching Saturday afternoon, he started to yell at me from the other room. I came in to see what was wrong. As the show starts, they scan the crowd of fans that happened to be Oklahoma this weekend. Tons of people hold signs and ESPN actually has a best sign contest each week.

The sign that sent Chuck into a frenzy....."Is this the line for Twilight tickets?" Hilarious!!!
Chuck says, "Get your crazy vampire cult out of my ESPN!!!" I was dying laughing.

I searched and searched for that clip or a picture of that sign, but I'll keep looking. I guess I'm not a total Twilight die hard, the movie came out on Friday and I haven't even seen it yet. Almost everyone I know has already seen it, some even twice.


  1. That is hilarious. I don't know if I'll ever watch the movie. Maybe when it comes out on DVD?

  2. We are going to be in that Twilight line on Wednesday night at 10:00 in "Little Washington". We will miss you!

  3. I know some people who have seen it 5 times already. insane? yes.