Sunday, November 16, 2008

Date Nights

Leland got to go on 2 dates this weekend, one with each of her parents. On Friday night, Chuck took her to see Madagascar 2. We love the first movie and she was excited to see #2. As Chuck was approaching the front of the line to purchase tickets, he noticed others getting out of line saying all the movies were sold out for the 7pm showings (James Bond and High School Musical were the other movies playing). Chuck decided to continue in line and buy tickets for the Saturday show. He asked about Madagascar being sold out and the girl said she had 1 ticket left to sell. He said Leland could sit on his lap and bought the last ticket. She actually made him pay for both an adult and a child's ticket too, which I think was a bit absurd.

They found 2 seats at the very back of the theater, but soon changed their minds and went to the very first row. Leland loved the movie. She kept telling me how the people at the movie laughed at the same time. I guess she thought that was neat.

On Saturday night, I took Leland to The Rockbridge Community Symphony Orchestra concert that was held at a church in town. She loves music, so much I thought it would be a fun thing for her to see. We enjoyed ourselves, although Leland kept wanting to dance in the aisles. She also was confused (as was I) why we did not clap after each song. I'm not sure how you were supposed to know when to clap and when to wait.

After the intermission Leland decided she wanted to sit in the balcony, so we moved to the top. This gave us a much better view of all the instruments and it was less crowded, so I let her dance in the back aisle. She declared the cello to be her favorite instrument and instructed me that the French Horn should be my favorite. She pretended to play every instrument and conduct with two pencils she found. She can name by sight, and a few by sound, every instrument that was in the orchestra. We seriously need to get her involved in some music classes in the next few years.

Lucy got to enjoy a date at home with each of her parents, too. I think she enjoyed the undivided attention of cuddles and story reading.


  1. What a fun weekend! I can just picture Leland dancing in the aisle. Did she have on her black boots? In my mind she has on a little dress and black boots, dancing away.

  2. A girl after my own heart! I love anything and everything music.

    PS...sometimes you don't clap because there are more than one "movement" to a song and it should either be noted in the program or the conductor should mention it. The other thing is that it was performed at a church and it could be something similar to the reasons we don't clap in our church. My guess though is that it's probably the first reason.