Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ChiTown - Sick Day and going home

written by Chuck
DAY 4 and coming home

Our Sunday in Chicago was recovery day. Leland was sick early in the week and the bug made it's way through Lucy, then Ashley, then me. We decided not to go to church and spread our germs and just stayed home to recuperate.

When Adam and Shanna came home, we played Acquire (our favorite game), took a walk around the neighborhood, and took naps. For dinner, we had a delicious meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies. Ashley was in heaven having steak and potatoes 2 nights in a row.

On Monday, we flew back to Raleigh before driving the four hours home to Lexington. The girls were great on both flights on the trip. We lucked out that both flights were only about 1/3 full, so Lucy could have a seat and we could really spread out.

On the way out, Leland adamantly wanted to sit by the window. She thought it was so cool when we started moving. Then when we went really fast and took off, she was excited. But once we started going fairly high, she wanted the window shut. I think she was somewhat frightened. When we broke out the DVD player, she seemed relieved to have something to do other than dad showing her stuff out the window.

On the way home, Leland wanted nothing to do with the window seat and would only sit on the aisle. She made friends with the flight attendants and said hello to everybody that went by. When Ashley mentioned the DVD movies, Leland got all excited. [Note: Leland doesn't get to watch the DVD in the car because it makes her sick, so she thought it was cool to watch the movie in the plane.]

When we got back to Raleigh, we spent a few hours at Mitzi (my sister) and Mike's house for the girls to get out some energy before the drive. Ashley went to visit Suzanne for a bit and I took a short nap, still feeling sick. Our drive home through and into the Blue Ridge Mountains was gorgeous with the peak autumn leave colors.

Be sure to read about Day 3 of our trip to Chicago.

written by Ashley
Our friendship with Adam and Shana is rare. We were all friends when we were single. Chuck and Adam were roommates when Shana and I started dating them. We spent our Sundays after church playing games and hanging out at their house. Chuck and I got married, then 6 months later Adam and Shana were married. Adam and Shana soon moved into the apartment next to ours and we were back to hanging out as often as possible. Playing games together is our favorite thing to do. Settlers, Acquire, Ticket To Ride, Rook, and Dutch Blitz are our favorites. The summer that we moved to CA, they moved to Chicago. After a 10 day cross country road trip together we had to say goodbye (picture to left is of us at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC). Shana actually cried and she is NOT a crier! I am a big crier, I'm getting teary now just thinking about it.

We have been lucky enough to see each other about 2 or more times a year since then. They are truly our best friends and we love them dearly. Chuck found a way for us play Acquire online, so now we have a date to play games tonight. Not as good as being together, but close enough. We miss you guys.

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  1. Wow, that is some shout out! It is true I never cry. But loosing you guys being so close was like moving away from family and home.

    I love that we still visit all the time. I see you just as much as my family, don't tell them.

    P.S It was awesome when I won that online game!

    Love you guys!