Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing Mommy

Thanks to my sister, Christine, many months ago she introduced my daughter to the fine music of Mama Mia. Leland loves to listen to the songs and is learning the words to several of the songs. The other night while we were having a little dance party, we were listening to Dancing Queen.

After a few rounds of dancing Leland sits down and says "Mommy, I'm not a Dancing Queen, I'm just a regular girl."

Leland has become quite the little mommy. She has 3 or 4 baby dolls that she has taken to as her children. She has named them all as well.

Sally, Doker, Zela, Bonnie, and her dog Lizzie

She takes such good care of them. It is so cute to watch her talk and sing to them.

On Thursday, Leland's Preschool had a Native American Celebration. They had made vests, rainmakers, and drums. They had made cornbread and popcorn for their feast. It was fun to see her interact and play with her friends. My aunt Barbara, Lucy, and I all went to help Leland celebrate with her friends.

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