Monday, November 3, 2008

Chicago - Day 3


Chuck had ABA meetings for most of the day on Saturday and Adam went to the Notre Dame football game, so it was just the girls.

We decided to visit Shedd Aquarium. Shana had free tickets, so we thought it would be worth a visit. Unfortunately when we got there we found out that the main part of the aquarium that houses the dolphins, whales, and has the shows was closed for renovation until June 2009. So sad. Luckily Leland didn't know what she was missing and still loved every minute. No pictures turned out that great since you can't use flash photography.

Leland's favorite things to see were the sharks. Especailly the "carpet" shark that just hangs out at the bottom of the tank. Another favorite was the lobster, that I think was actually a shrimp. We got to see an iguana and a turtle up close, during the Animal Encounter exhibits. There were small touch screens everywhere with quizzes and more info about the exhibits that Leland enjoyed as well. Lucy just loved anytime that I let her get out of the stroller.

We went when it opened, got to park close, and waited in no lines. We were only there from about 9am - noon, but when we left there was a line out the door to buy tickets and our close parking lot turned into handicapped only. I think we did pretty well.

After naps, Shana and I decided to do some shopping at Trader Joe's. We stocked up on some things that I love and have missed. (I later decided that I needed more, so we stopped at another TJ on the way home from NC). I was amused by the fact that Shana had to call ahead and make sure they offered free parking if we came to shop. I was thinking, "Of course parking at a store should be free." Ahh, City Life!

That night, Shana was gracious enough to watch our girls so that I could have dinner with Chuck at Wildfire with his friends from the ABA. It was a wonderful date and delicious food.

Be sure to read about Day 2 of our trip to Chicago.


  1. I was upset about the whales and dolphins, I found out that they are spending the winter in Connecticut. During the renovation .How do you transport 6 full size dolphins and 2 beluga whales to Connecticut? Anybody?

    Also, parking is the first thing you think about before going anywhere around here. We had to take the car and not the train so we could carry home our loot from the Joe's.

    P.S Adam has been asking to go there since you have been gone because you introduced him to that yummy home made trail mix.

  2. Seriously... how do you transport whales and dolphins? That is very funny!

    Wild fire looks so fun! I am really glad Chuck got the gift cards. I bet it made it such a fun trip!

    Love you,