Thursday, May 13, 2010

Williamsburg Day #5: Yorktown

Yorktown has a really quaint little area next to the James River called Riverwalk Landing. It was a little disappointing since there were only a few shops actually open. The kids enjoyed a picnic next to the water. There was also a great beach area that would have been fun to play in had we known it was there and come prepared with swimsuits.Yorktown Battlefield Historical Park was the next stop on our history tour. We purchased the driving tour CD (only $5!) and headed out to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We learned about the artillery used and how they built these protective bunkers in the middle of the night (top left). I'm always a little in awe when you look out on the open fields, try to imagine a war occurring, and those individuals walking, sleeping, and fighting out there. It's pretty humbling.We saw a cool little group of turtles hanging out on a log. Tara and her cute little pirate hook and pirate's scowl. What a cutie!

We didn't do the Yorktown Victory Center, but our new annual passes to Jamestown Settlement work there also, so we will have to do it when we go back.

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