Saturday, May 15, 2010

Williamsburg Day #6: Strawberry Ferry

After saying goodbye to all of the family in Williamsburg, we headed back to Jamestown. This time to ride a free car ferry across the James River to Surry County. I had some friends who knew of a pick-your-own strawberry farm and we decided we needed to do it.The short (and free!) ferry ride was gorgeous and peaceful. The girls thought it was really fun.The strawberry farm, College Run Farms, was just a few minutes from the ferry. It was lots of fun, but very HOT! The girls were excited about picking strawberries. Lucy kept saying she wanted other colors besides red ones. They did a great job finding and eating strawberries. Chuck got the award for the best picking! He straddled the puddles at the end of the rows where few had gone to pick, so we found some good ones. Lucy was worn out by the end. It was hard work.With Charlotte in a cute little strawberry outfit, we couldn't resist some pictures. Notice her cute little toes poking out of the leaves. Once she discovered the yummy strawberries she was in heaven.We cooled off with some yummy strawberry ice cream before taking a scenic drive home.
What did I do with all the strawberries
  • homemade strawberry ice cream
  • strawberry lemonade (with fresh lemons too)
  • waffles with strawberry sauce
  • cut up in salad
  • dipped them in Nutella
  • my first attempt at strawberry jam (I've now made 3 more batches)
I just couldn't get enough of the fresh fruit, so I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We joined a fruit farm called AgriBerry. I'm in heaven each week when I pick up my box of fruit picked just days beforehand. This week we got sweet cherries, blueberries, black raspberries, and red raspberries. Absolutely fabulous and worth it. I'm also trying out another Buy Local group called Dominion Harvest. My home deliveries will start in July. I love the idea of supporting local farms.


  1. When we got home, I had an email about joining a CSA here in Amberly. So I looked into it. You can sign up for the box or they set up a tent on Fridays at our community center and I can just go pick out the things I want. So on Friday I went and got Corn, blueberries, Zuchini, Squash, cucumbers, and a red onion. Man! I should not be writing this post while fasting! I love fresh produce!

  2. Oh and the photos of Charlie are so cute! I want to eat those little toes!