Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Williamsburg Days #2-3: Colonial Williamsburg

On Tuesday and Wednesday of our trip to Williamsburg, we spent two full days at Colonial Williamsburg in order to see and do everything and in what Chuck calls, "southern style," which means at a speed where you don't feel rushed and you enjoy the journey.
The whole gang (minus Mike M. who was working).
The re-enactments and everyone dressing and talking like they were in the 18th century was pretty neat. Each day the area turns into Revolutionary City where there is an outdoor drama production.
My cute husband - (top left, clockwise) played a lawyer in the royal court. He was allowed to pass the bar! 3 years and enormous debt was worth it! Marching in the militia with Papa and Hock. Learning the proper way to greet the ladies. Chuck sitting out on the lawn with 5 of the 7 kids so that the rest of us could enjoy a tour of the Capitol building.All locked up. Everybody took their turn as criminals. I have pictures of me as a kid in these stocks.
We love to explore new places, take tours, and sight see. We realize that our children do not always have the same fondness. We had 7 kids 5 years old and younger in tow. Chuck's dream is to compile and write a tourism book for families with young children. It was hot, so plenty of water and snacks were a must.

When we visit places I'm going to start tracking what the kids loved and what the kids did not love. The Williamsburg list of daily activities did have "kid-friendly" symbols listed. They loved - picnics on the lawn, going in the shops and learning about how guns, wigs, spoons, and other things were made in colonial times, walking (running) around trying not to step in the horse poop, and the gardens. The maze behind the Governor's Palace was a lot of fun. The kids loved running around trying to find each other and trying to get to the center. The tradition is to kiss when you meet in the middle. This was their favorite place and asked several times to run around the maze.
Lucy was in heaven with all the rocks and shells on all the walkways. She had all sorts of collections.Some of the things the kids could have done without include anything indoors sitting down, such as the conversations with George Washington and Patrick Henry. They liked the outdoors guided tours, but not the indoor ones. Colonial Williamsburg is definitely a huge retirees vacation spot, so we tried to be respectful of those who probably are not used to having kids in tow during vacation. Most people were very friendly and understanding of the kids, but there were a few yankees sitting behind us during the conversation with George Washington who were cranky; maybe somebody from the northeast can explain why y'all are like that. And why y'all also root for Duke.

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