Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hocks in Richmond

Chuck's sister, Lani, her husband Michael, and their son Houston came to Richmond for a few days before our week long part-family reunion in Williamsburg.

We love having family visit and we love showing them around our fun city. We strolled around Maymont, flew kites at Chimborazo Visitor's Center (National Park), toured the State Capitol, and ate dinner on our back porch. The girls especially loved all the attention from their Uncle Hock.Houston and Charly are only 5 months apart, but he has about 20 lbs on her. They were very cute playing together. The best was while walking around Maymont, Charly would stick out her arm and try to get his attention and hold his hand. It was so cute. Notice the bottom left picture - he's going for the neck, but she is still all smiles. She loves attention!More cousin fun - picnics, cuddles, flying kites.
Grammy and Papa came to Richmond the night before heading to Williamsburg, so the girls got a little extra cuddle time. Chuck also took everyone on a driving tour of Richmond before church. They hit Hollywood Cemetery, Monument Ave Historic District, and some views of the James River.

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  1. You guys love (and appreciate) Richmond as much as we do! Isn't it fun to show it off to people who come visit?! Btw, how was Charly's appt. Details, please.. (;