Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Williamsburg Day #1: Fun at "home" away from home

When we travel, where we are staying becomes "home". The kids (and adults) loved where we stayed in the Historic Triangle (Williamsburg Plantation). We had 2 two-bedroom condos in a town home layout with one right on top of the other connected by a private, indoor staircase. The kids could run up and down the stairs and not bother anybody else. Across the driveway was a playground. There were also tennis courts and an indoor pool. All of which we used several times, unlike last year in Florida.

We started our trip with a day of relaxing at the resort. We also spent many evenings playing at our new home. Tennis matches, swim lessons, pedicures, card playing, digital scrapbooking, movie watching, story telling and lots of cooking. It was great having more time to relax and hang out rather than just run from one site to another.
I love when the whole group wears matching shirts. Strangers talk to you about it and asks about our family. The pink/blue shirts are from last year's Bodell reunion. Many people asked about Charlotte's blue shirt - the reunion shirts were ordered before she was born last year and we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. They figured blue can go on a boy or a girl, pink most people would only put on a girl.

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