Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Never would have thought

If you would have asked me five years ago if would do any of the following things, I would have said "No Way!" But I will eat those words and now admit I feel like a hippie. I use the word hippie because that's the only word I can think of that stereotypically these things are associated with in my mind.
  1. We eat rice cakes and fruit leathers instead of potato chips and candy. Not that we are against potato chips and candy, but I just try not to have them around my house mainly because I have no self control. The other day Chuck was so sweet and bought each of the girls a small bag of M&M's from the grocery store checkout. I can't figure out why, but neither of the girls wanted to finish the whole bag and gave them back. A little crazy, but I was so proud of my little girls for not devouring all the chocolate goodness. 20 years ago when my "hippie" aunt would come to visit with her kids, she would bring her own all-natural peanut butter, rice cakes, carrot sticks, and dried fruit to our house so her kids would have snacks while visiting. I always thought it was a little crazy. But now I get it.
  2. I let my girls dress themselves. They come up with some crazy things, but usually not over the top. Before I was a mom, I totally judged those carefree mothers who I would see in the store with a 4 year old in boots, polka dot skirt, a striped shirt and unkempt hair. I used to think, "Did she even look at her daughter before they left the house?" I love my girls unique style and sense of creativity. Leland over the last few months has become more interested in what "matches", so the crazy outfits have simmered a bit.
  3. I "wear" my baby in a baby wrap. When Leland was born 5 years ago, I saw moms with them and thought they looked ridiculous. Now, I can't believe I carried 2 babies around in that uncomfortable Baby Bjorn. I love my wrap even if people think I look ridiculous.
  4. And now for the BIG clincher that thrust me into the hippie world - I now cloth diaper and absolutely LOVE it. Cloth diapering is not the same as it was when our parents did it or even just 5 years ago. After doing a trial of a few different kinds, I decided on one-size Bum Genius. They are really easy to use and they are good for 7-35lb babies. One of the accessories that are suggested by those that cloth diaper is a toilet sprayer - think kitchen sink sprayer attached to the back of your toilet. I suggest one of these for every mom. You can clean up throw up or potty training accidents by spraying off right into the toilet. It's awesome. Cloth diapering is an investment. Adding up everything I purchased to start off equals about 8 months of disposable diapers. I have at least 2 more years of diapers for Charly if she potty trains the same time Lucy did. Those 16 months I estimate will save me about $600. Theoretically, I could use these with another child, then even more savings. The money is what made me decide to do it, not the environmental aspects of it. Now I feel so self reliant, not dependent on Wal-Mart to have the diapers I want in-stock and on sale. It's been somewhat liberating to actually go shopping and not have diapers on my shopping list. They have been on my list for the last 5 years.
Next thing you know, I may be having an all-natural home birth, but don't count on it.


  1. So I think you should do a post just on cloth diapering. I would like to know more about it but seriously, some of Ella's poopie terrible messes are such that I wouldn't want to be over a toilet spraying the poop out. Know what I mean?

  2. This post was very funny! LOL!!!

  3. Love it all. Here's to Hippie Moms!

  4. I am still in shocked that you even have kids! :) Just kidding, you are an awesome mom! You can leave the natural home birth to me and you take care of the rest!