Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lowe's 48 - Live!

On Thursday, we saw the Lowe's 48 up close and personal! This past weekend, NASCAR made its semi-annual visit to Richmond. In the three days before the race, many teams have showcar appearances in coordination with their sponsor. I was extremely excited, so I took a 2 1/2 lunch break from work to take the entire family to see the showcar. The retired couple who work for Hendrick Motorsports (owner of the 48, 24, 5, & 88), get to go around the country showing the car at different Lowe's stores. They loved our three girls - while I chatted up the man about the car, his wife scooped up Charly. The man loved us so much that he gave us an actual lug nut from the Lowe's 48. Leland and Lucy loved the day so much that they carried the lug nut around for a few days and insist on keeping it in their jewelry box. Of course, I agreed with their assessment of its value.

They had a race car simulation game that we all enjoyed playing. Leland took her driving very serious (Check out the bottom left picture of her yelling at Chuck).Ashley's addition - Chuck was giddy to say the least. When Chuck is excited about something he takes A LOT of pictures.

Later that night, Leland says to me, "I wish that the Lowes 48 car could come to our house.....and I wish Jimmy was inside it."


  1. You guys are so funny! I still think of your family whenever I see something Nascar. I remind Anna all about your family when she watches Cars. So funny.

  2. gotta love the tongue in the middle set of photos. Classic Chuck move!